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Just text PAWS21 followed by your donation amount (£1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10) to 70070.   



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We do not have an Animal Centre so we cannot accept unwanted animals from the public. We assist RSPCA Inspectors and Animal Collection Officers who are dealing with abused and at-risk animals by caring for such animals in private boarding establishments until we can find homes for them.

Adopting an animal from us

All our animals are neutered, microchipped, de-fleed, wormed and vaccinated prior to rehoming - the adoption fee provides a small contribution towards these costs:

Dogs - £95           Cats - £60     Kittens £80       Rabbits - £20
(see an example of how this fee actually saves you money)


If you would like to meet the animal, we can arrange for one of our volunteers to meet you at the boarding establishment.


We will carry out a home visit before you adopt an animal from us so that we can discuss the requirements of the pet you have chosen - it also an opportunity for you to ask questions. We follow RSPCA guidelines when rehoming our animals and occasionally we may have to say no.

Dogs needing a home

Please have a look at our our dog rehoming process. Our dogs are neutered, microchipped,de-fleed, wormed and vaccinated prior to rehoming - the adoption fee of £95 provides a small contribution towards these costs and saves you having to pay the full cost for these items at your local vets once you get your new pet home..


October 2013


Eric is a 4-year-old baby. He had a very sheltered life in his first home so, when we met him at 18 months old, he was very puppy-like in his ways and his experience of life was nonexistent. He is afraid of the world, so things like traffic startle him

We rehomed him to a great couple who worked with his fears but, due to marital breakdown, he came back to us.

He needs someone who can work with his fear, and reassure him that the world is a friendly place and that they will look after him and keep him safe. When he is with someone he trusts, he can manage his nervousness, but he will need time to build that trust in a new home so that he can be reassured and gain confidence in his owners. Eric is not an aggressive dog; he has never bitten anyone and will back down from an assertive dog.

Eric is currently in foster care, but he needs and deserves a home of his own. He is such a lovely boy, he just needs someone that understands him.

If you feel that you may have the skills that Eric needs for his well-being, please get in touch with Pauline on 07599 969 647.


December 2013


This is Tilly, an adorable, two-year-old Staffie. She is a happy little soul and has previously lived with children. She loves everyone and everything she comes into contact with. She is boisterous though, and needs a lot of walking and keeping occupied.

We did think that Tilly had found her forever home, but it became apparent that she is a girl who takes advantage if not managed well. She needs boundaries and firm handling. Without this she tries to gain the upper hand, and, while she is never aggressive, she became difficult to walk because she would pull and attempt to go her own way, not yours! She needs a home with someone who understands this and can establish good practice with her.

Tilly came to us with dermodex mange (an condition inherited from her mother, which develops because of a compromised immune system). Mange of this kind is not transmissible in any way to humans and manifests itself just as red patches of sore skin. Tilly's mange is now cleared and while easily treatable, will require ongoing time and care. As it is a pre-existing condition the RSPCA will support the cost of treatment for this only, but it would be better for her to be in a home, where she can receive the right care and attention.

Do you think you might be able to offer this lovely girl a home? If so, please call Pauline on 07599 969 647 and we can arrange for you to meet Tilly.


January 2014



Wilf is a smallish (but in his opinion, very handsome) Jack Russell with a lot of love to give.

He is a very sweet terrier who is interested in everything. He has had some training in basic commands and is largely house trained. He is also very good in the car, making no noise and sitting quietly. However, he needs a quiet home with no children and with no other pets, as he does get very excited in a busy environment. He has the usual terrier temperament and would suit a couple or single person who have had terriers before. With a little training he will be a very rewarding dog.

Wilf needs a forever home urgently, as he is 5 years old and doesn't want to spend too much time in kennels! Please contact Pauline on 07599 969 647 if you would like to meet Wilf.



March 2014



Felley is a Lakeland Terrier cross. He is a very energetic boy, and should really be housed somewhere where he can run off this energy.

We think he would enjoy being a working dog although perhaps he is a little old to train for this - he is about 5 years old.

Felley definitely needs an adult home with people who are used to handling terriers as he is a loveable handful!

Please contact Pauline on 07599 969 647 to meet Felley.










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